PLM Precision Laser Marking

PLM is a world class contract Laser Marking frim. The combined knowledge, experience, and expertise offered is the reason that PLM has been at the forefront of Laser Marking technology since 1985.

Precision Laser Marking was formed by two entrepreneurs, with first-hand experience representing over 20 years in the laser marking industry. Their vision to combine a job shop approach with a premium quality product and facility, has evolved into the PLM of today, a company that services a wide range of manufacturers and offers creative solutions when faced with challenging projects. The PLM organization is modeled after the ISO 9000 standards, which speaks to our commitment to excellence and defines the means by which we guarantee it to our customers. Our commitment excellence through policies, quality control and state of the art equipment is your assurance that the work done by PLM represents the mark by which all others can be measured.


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